A Stormy Day...

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.. It's about learning to dance in the rain." 

Working with Jordynn was an absolute pleasure. Our goal was to shoot in the rain (which we did a tiny bit), but instead we ended up with some muddy, gritty, and even soaking wet moments. We took our time exploring the hills of Malibu Creek and made some images along the way. Jordynn wasn't afraid to get down and dirty to bring my vision to life. I am always so thankful for what these artist are willing to do for the shot. Take a look at what we made. <3 

A free spirit.

Courtney is a free spirit. Her technique and strength is so impressive to me. It's such an honor to work with the artists I get to. We spent some time together exploring and creating in Topanga Canyon and finished up over looking the city as the sun went down. Here are some of my favorite images. Enjoy! 

Gypsy Warrior

Alexis's story is powerful. So powerful I didn't feel I could do it justice. I asked her to share her journey and inspiration behind this shoot. Here are some of her words: 

"June 2nd, 2014

I stare at that date and have a hard time putting into words what that day means to me. It is the day my innocence was stolen from me, my comfort of safety taken. It was on the morning of June 2nd, 2014 that I was raped. 

How did I get through it? Have I gotten over it? The answer is no. There are defining moments, good and bad, that alter our lives forever. My mother always described me as her little gypsy. Wearing flowing dresses, with flowers in my hair, running through the warm summer rain. I believed in dragons, mermaids and yes the fairy still exists. I was kind, loving and gentle. The Alexis that I knew was hiding somewhere deep inside of me. For the longest time I thought she was gone. 

Instead of turning to sex, drugs, or booze....trust me I wanted to at times. I knew that would take me down a deeper rabbit hole. Instead, I became selfish and took care of ME. Yoga and the ocean were my savior. I did yoga 7-10 times per week and would swim in the ocean for hours. I remember on day in Marina Del Ray on June in 2015. I was on a surf board at sea as I felt this extremely strong force under the water coming towards me. This feel, although terrifying, was magical. I ended up being surrounded by dolphins. They seemed to stick around for a bit and check me out. That was the most beautiful moment of my life. This reminded me that I might not ever be the same again. I am just a different version of that girl. I'm the woman version of the little gypsy girl I once knew. 

Many ask if I would take it back. It's shocking to most, but no I wouldn't take it back. I am a fighter. I am survivor. I would not be the woman I am today if I hadn't fought to survive that pain and loss. I have created who I am today by overcoming this dark past and the trial it brought. 

For now I'll live by the ocean, love by the moon and find my cure in salt water....sweat, tears, and the sea. "

You can follow more of her journey here: http://warriorgypsy.blogspot.com/

Dancin' up the coast...

My dear friend Ali Lubin and I went on an adventure up the coast and created some breathtaking images together. We had few plans or places to be, we both had an open mind to explore and create. Each night we found a different place to watch the sunset. Some of those places included The Golden Gate Bridge, Twin Peaks, San Fran Hill Tops, and of course the STUNNING Big Sur coast. We were constantly amazed at the beauty this earth has to offer. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed making them! <3 <3 <3 

Look Book.

Some of you might have noticed that I shoot one particular girl a LOT. Every month or so Michelle Dion and I get together and have some fun! She is a fashion blogger who is doing big things!

We began collaborating a couple of months ago and every time we get together we have a blast. Just recently I went back through all of our shoots and was amazed at how much variety we have been able to cover. It is such a joy as a photographer to work with one person so often. It gives me a chance to try new things and shoot with a bit of exploration. Here is a taste of what we do when we get together. I hope you enjoy looking through all of these great styles and vibes. <3 

Check out her amazing fashion blog: http://www.shewilltakeover.com/



I had the absolute pleasure of photographing two beautifully talented sisters. They are both competitive dancers and it shows! We spent a bit of time shooting some head shots and then got into the fun part! They had both been through an intensive dance week and were very sore. That did not stop either of them from pulling out their highest kicks and leaps. Coming from a dance background, I remember how sore I used to get from those! I am more than impressed with their ability to put that aside and perform for me. 

At the ripe ages of 10 and 13 I can confidently say these two girls have a bright future ahead of them in this crazy competitive dance world. It's such a beautiful thing to witness young dancers working so hard for something they love. I hope these photos do their talent justice. I sure loved working with them, I hope you enjoy their photos! 

"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer." - Shanna La Fleur


I had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Janelle Issis from Season 9 on So You Think You Can Dance. Being a dancer myself I have SUCH respect for such versatile dancers. She is best known for her belly dancing but in no way does she fall short in every other style. It's such a joy to watch and capture such talent and movement. Together we explored the trails up in Topanga Canyon and came across some gorgeous stages for her to move. I am THRILLED with everything we got. It was hard to pick what I wanted to share! Take a look at this girls moves. 

Testing the water.

I always have such a great time working with Kara. She is honestly down for anything. To say she tested the water is an understatement.... she didn't just dip her toes, she JUMPED in! :) 

One of my greatest joys is to explore the beauty of nature along with the beauty of movement. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed making them. 

One with Nature.

It brings me so much honor and joy to work with such talented people. Arielle is such a beauty and force, it was magical to capture her movement.

The goal of this shoot was to explore the connection between movement and nature, to allow the surrounding to inspire the shoot and in the end determine what was made. This girl is filled with so much talent and I cannot wait to see where she goes with it. I also cannot wait to shoot her again. :) As you look through these photos, keep this quote in mind: 

"Walk as if you are kissing the earth with you feet." 


Sunflower Fields Forever.

It is always such an honor to make photos for people when there is sentimental value involved. Sarah reached out to me right after finding out her grandma was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She shared with me how much her grandma has always loved photos of her dancing and how she wanted to shoot some more photos in her honor. As we brainstormed some ideas, she let me know that her grandma has always loved sunflowers. It sounded like the perfect symbol for a shoot like this. I've read that sunflowers are "Gifts of radiant warmth, sunflowers are the happiest of flowers, and their meanings include loyalty and longevity. They are unique in their ability to provide energy in the form of nourishment and vibrance, an attribute which mirrors the sun and the energy provided by its heat and light.

This shoot was full of joy and sun! My hope is that some of this joy can run off and brighten Sarah's time with her grandma and bring a smile to both of their faces. Enjoy! 

A girl's best friend.

Every month or so I get to collaborate with Michelle Dion for her fashion blog: Michellemargarite.com. This shoot was right up my alley. Once she told me she wanted flowers and fields I immediately asked if I could bring my pride and joy, Otis. She was very excited about the idea so I knew it was going to be a good day! Little did I know he would make a guest appearance (or 10) in her shoot. 

This shoot really has it all! Clothes, Jewelry and PUPPIES! Articles of Society provided the amazing boyfriend jeans, and  supplied the funky cool jewelry. If you have never head of Rocksbox you need to check it out! They provide a way for you to borrow or buy designer jewelry! After taking a quick survey, you will be sent 3 pieces of jewelry to borrow for an event or a date night! Once you are finished you can send it back, and get another box sent to you!

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Boyfriend Jeans: Article of Society 
Longline Side-Slit Top: Forever 21
Scarf: Forever 21
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Jewelry: Rocksbox
Poncho/Bag: Forever 21

Charlotte Russe: Fashion Blog

I was given a great opportunity to shoot for my friends amazing fashion blog SHE WILL TAKE OVER: http://michellemargarite.blogspot.com/. SHE was given an amazing opportunity to feature and style some clothes for the oh-so-amazing Charlotte Russe: www.charlotterusse.com. We were given a short time to shoot and of course the weather was not cooperating. With some dark clouds and a little bit of rain we were able to create some images I am very proud of. Take a look and if you love the clothes, hop on over to www.charlotterusse.com and pick some up for yourself! Enjoy! 

One Woman Show: Jordan Adelberger

I have this friend Jordan who is amazingly talented and such a positive energy to be around. She has that amazing combination of positivity along with such a humble heart. I had so much fun working on this collaborative shoot. We had a great team of people that could all bring their talents to the table. A huge thanks to Michelle Dion for styling the shoot, check out more of her work at  http://michellemargarite.blogspot.com/, and Lauren McKeever for the amazing boho inspired hair style www.laurennicolehair.com. If you would like to hear the melodic tunes of miss Jordan head on over to YouTube.com/JordanAdelberger. Now go feast your eyes on some serious beauty mixed some some serious style. <3

Styling: Michelle Dion- SHE WILL TAKE OVER- blog: http://michellemargarite.blogspot.com/

Hair: Lauren McKeever- www.laurennicolehair.com

Jordan Adelberger- Singer/Songwriter: www.YouTube.com/JordanAdelberger

Caden is 1!

I had the pleasure of photographing this adorable little boy right as he finished his 1st year of life! He has such wise eyes for a little man! Take a look at this guys' style!

Senior Photos: Oaks Christian Varsity Dancers

I was contacted to take photos of the Oaks Christian Varsity Senior Dance girls! This is like my IDEAL shoot! It combines my love of portraiture, senior photos and DANCE! <3 <3 <3 ! Upon meeting these lovely ladies, I was continuously shocked at each one of their beauty! I felt like I was shooting a free people add! Take a peak at each of their smiles and movement. Also...keep your eyes open for another blog post featuring these ladies ALL TOGETHER! It just might be too much beauty for one post! ENJOY!